Charming Bangalore

First time we came to Bangalore to live was 24 years back when Standard Chartered Bank sent me to set up card centre in the garden city.

The city was charming and driving around was easy. It took 12 minuets in the morning and 20 minuets in the evening to and from home and office.

Our two daughters enjoyed the school with their mother teaching in the same school.

Office was fun as we were building from scratch and even now we rate the time at India Bankcard centre as best in our careers.

The first property acquired was sort of a compulsion as the good Bank gave interest free housing loan.

Then we all moved on. I was the first to be sent overseas with some landmark success in project completions.

Now back in Bangalore on transit, I am happy to say that the charm lingers on. Though it took 45 minuets yesterday for the รผber to arrive and the city has some of the worst traffic in the country.

Completion of the delayed metro should give some relief.

But more important things are the same or better. Good friends, for example when we were visiting last time, friends created a whatsapp group ‘kurian in town’ to get everyone together.

And now, I must acknowledge that the precious blog friends have given a glitter to the circle. Feel good and blessed in the charming company.

Kerala is dream destination and Bangalore the inevitable pleasure.

Charming Bangalore

22 thoughts on “Charming Bangalore

  1. Bangalore was the first city where I stepped out by my own self. I had.lived a sheltered life before that under the guidance parents and then my in laws. Building a home with my hubby and my newborn in Bangalore was like a beautiful dream. Slowly I ventured out and got a job and made some amazing friends. After nine years of blissful life I had to relocate to a new city… But bangalore is still a city I would always love to be. Felt nostalgic as I read ur post๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. Bangalore is not a city to me; Bangalore is an old friend who has watched me grow up, and knows all my secrets ๐Ÿ™‚ Though the city has changed tremendously and not so much for the good in some ways, I suppose I will always see it for what it was to me in my formative years. Underneath all the “development”, I can still find those fragments of the city that I am attached to. The soul of the city. As for the people, I am pleasantly surprised to discover that people may have changed and evolved over time, but they retain that certain innocence, warmth and mutual regard that I had to struggle to find in Kerala. I hope that never changes!

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    1. I can understand the lovely connection you have with the city. Like i said itโ€™s my number two place. Kerala is a top number one for me.
      I hope I will get an opportunity to introduce Kerala to you in a way I see it.


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