Kerala Banana Special

The Kerala Banana is unique in taste and size. Popular use is the banana chips made out of the raw bananas and fried in coconut oil. My favourite is with the fully ripe ones.

Here the special dish is bringing in a lot of fond childhood memories. Full Indulgence was possible then, but one would rationalise on the exotic accompaniments in the name of healthy option.

But yesterday I had a full Indulgence, almost.

Fully ripe Kerala Banana, steamed and operated as in a fully open surgery. The strings of seed are then removed with surgical precision..

Add pure ghee, paani (toddy syrup, a honey like delicacy) and sprinkle of sugar.

The only cheating I did was in the sprinkling of sugar for health sake.

It was pure nostalgic Indulgence ๐Ÿ˜‹

Kerala Banana

Kerala Banana Special

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