Awards, Challenges and Groups

I am happy as a simple contributor and a giant follower in this blog site and among the friends i have here.

Undoubtedly, then this is the number one place where I look for what my friends say and what I want to tell them.

I don’t do awards as for one, I find them complicated. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like praises, I certainly do and most welcome to receive in the form of comments on my posts and likes on them. Probably I am incapable to meet the conditions of the award which looks like a chain activity

Challenges, well I don’t have anything against them, but again I may not be upto it.

And groups, I may be a bit afraid here, afraid if I am upto it when the other group members are maestros in their areas. And again I need the most important ingredient, trust. Without trust, I may not be in it.

Like the trust in the love and affection we share in our friendship here.

Awards, Challenges and Groups

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