Weekend Blues

The weekend has been busy with family functions, weddings postponed at the time of floods in Kerala.

Being a member of a large family and with nine siblings, I don’t even recognise some of the first cousins, to remember other relations.

The problem is made complex with my long stints outside Kerala and outside India for work.

An opportunity for a get together is very welcome.

But it looked like the entire population chose to get on the roads during the weekend. This was made much more complicated with the poor condition of the roads after the floods.

Both functions were north of Kochi and I feel that the roads to the south are better.

And it was surprising to note that the roads in some of the worst flood affected areas are better than others. Obviously it’s the road contractors short changing on quality.

The fellowship enjoyed at the functions were priceless.

Of course I missed my dear blog community ❤️

Weekend Blues

18 thoughts on “Weekend Blues

  1. Haha…glad to hear you did enjoy the function and the company in spite of some road mishaps….
    And sure glad to knw u missed us all too in spite of being in a company of your family, so it kind of says we are your extendend family, isn’t it? 😁

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      1. It is, and one of the main reasons why kerala is 100% literate with many of the demographics matching Europe including life expectancy.
        Christian institutions play a great role

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