Wonder If They Even Visit!

I was inspired by a friend who blogged here occasionally, that i started blogging.

And then I invited some of my friends to the pages through email. And they’re still email followers.

Sad thing is that I don’t get any comments or likes from this group and I am not sure if they even visit WordPress!

One of the memorable marketing advertisements that I had come across was with tag line “we look after our existing clients while chasing new ones”.

That’s well and okay. But the accompanying picture took the cake. It had a rooster energetically chasing a hen, and another ruffled and tired hen is seen behind, just getting up on feet.

Though I could remember the words, I lost the picture and I am no artist to recreate something like that.

And I do care for the first time followers and will try and activate them. That’s priceless!

Wonder If They Even Visit!

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