Extreme Moderation

A few years back I set 700 as the calories to burn during physical activities and measured on the Apple Watch.

Sometime back I read out my own slogan of ‘never too late’ and decided to give a try on some six packs and building muscles.

So it was some extreme activities in addition to Yoga and it was 21 suryanamaskars and either of swimming or strength training every day.

The result was about 1400 calories burned against target of 700. Extreme!!

Then I noticed symptoms of protein deficiency and went for some whey protein powder.

And I gained 5 kilos which is not good. I hope some of the experts will read this and advise me.

I have reduced workouts to yoga along with suryanamaskar, swimming and iron pumping alternating. That means I do suryanamaskar, swimming or strength training once in three days. And still I burn about 900 calories. Extreme moderation.

I wonder:

1. Weight gain is fat replaced with heavier muscles

2. My decision of junking protein powder and going for natural sources like eggs are correct. (How many eggs?).

Good news is ‘muscles are visible’.

Extreme Moderation

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