Book Review, ‘My Heart belongs to you

By Priti Chaubey and Srishti Srivastava Singh

Published: apk Publishers. August 2018

87 pages

A passionately written story of a few friends, starting as freshers in college with three of them, girls, as roommates.

The authors have succeeded in keeping the value of friendship and love throughout the story.

There are enough of friends’ stories, petty rivalry and strong bonds among them throughout the college and through the work life. Friends stick together, quarrels and reunites.

Though friendship is powerfully narrated, the authors want the theme to be love. With not enough pairs, there’s bound to be some love triangles and consequent heartbreaks.

Love is very well handled, though one would suspect a lack of experience from the authors which gives platonic love a dominance over physical. Of course an intruder with the physical motive is providing that also.

The story is perhaps very contemporary as it depicts the modern outlook towards friendship, love and love making. And as such it would appeal to the youth of the times.

Conversations are of high quality, like best in class sermons particularly of love. That’s why I would say the understanding of love is more than the actual performance of it.

A good love story with friendship sort of pipping the love to the post.

And things like ‘karma has no menu, you’re served what you deserve’ are clever.

Non Hindi readers of this English book may have to use some translations at some emotional stages.

A good read.

My rating 4/5

Book Review, ‘My Heart belongs to you

24 thoughts on “Book Review, ‘My Heart belongs to you

  1. Subhanker Singh says:

    Very nice and amazing book. Once reading the book you will keep continuing to read. It has emotions, love and to learn how to maintain a good relationship.

    Liked by 1 person

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