Writer’s Block

Well, my book is on the bucket list. And when you have a slightly colourful past, writing about it just like that may raise some eyebrows.

Solution- you are the self assumed Walter Mitty. So bring it in, some true and some managed dreams like this:-

The well-groomed and thick mustache got glances from the beautiful air hostesses of Air Romana when they lined up to say goodbye to me as I was coming out of the aircraft which landed in Rome.

When will I see you signore! Paula could not conceal her disappointment of missing me after personally taking care of me for the 11 hours flight from Bombay. I remember her covering me with the blanket when I dozed off in the business class after a heavy dinner and champagne which she poured carefully into my glass.

I felt the moist lips on mine and I thought it was a dream, but the side mirror clearly showed her lipsticks on my lips. Oh what a time to fall asleep!

‘I will make sure to book on the flight when you are on-board for my return flight’. I will call you as soon as I finish my meeting with the Pope’, my right hand was busy twisting on the edge of my thick mustache when I was comforting her, while my disarming smile floored her and she looked totally in love with me.

‘Your Ferrari is waiting at pillar 8, just outside the gate 14 where you will be escorted’, the co-pilot came out to tell me of the radio message he just got from the Vatican.

Writer’s Block

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