Pool Swimming and River Swimming

I went to Thidanad yesterday primarily to swim in the river in front of our house. The current in the flowing river was pretty strong and it was a pleasure to swim against the current.

I spent an hour and 29 minuets in the river.

With the Apple Watch on, I could measure the performance

The distance from the start point to the rocks was put as 18 meters.

Incredibly the watch identified the type of swim. Upstream was always freestyle. Downstream was a mix of freestyle, breaststroke and one backstroke.

Occasionally I came downstream dipping up and down to feel the bottom of the river which was about 7 feet to 8 feet deep. The no known style was recorded as ‘mixed’.

The effort was much stronger than pool swim which reflected in calorie burning of 864.

I wanted to spend more time though, but people were waiting for lunch.

Pool Swimming and River Swimming

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