It’s Neelakurinji time. Last time this happened was in 2006 and this wonderful gift of nature flowers every 12 years. That’s some hibernation.

Munnar, in Kerala is the best place to enjoy this wonderful phenomenon. The place has recovered from the floods and is ready to welcome tourists.

Needless to say, the season in October will see the place crowded and there will be restrictions and pre-booking requirements to access the places where the bloom is plenty and mountain carpeted.

Consider a visit now as the next chance will be in 2030!


23 thoughts on “Neelakurinji

      1. Haha…..that’s the mystery of nature…..and the wonder of their awesome creator….. If he cares so much for those wild withering flowers, how much more he would care for us who is made after his own image.. Don’t u find him the most high in awesomeness?? I do KJ. And he made you as a real gem of a person too.

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