Protein And Me

I have been doing some intense workouts to get into shape with six packs as dream destination. And i was doing well, though was feeling a bit tired with some uncomfortable feeling in the joints etc. Worst of all, my sleep was not adequate.

Sleep has been a worry and I was on the banana wine thing which is getting circulated of late.

That’s when I chanced upon a casual article on protein deficiency and how the body reacts to it. That’s ditto me!

I was happy to see glucose levels going down to 80-90 from 110-120. And I was splurging on my favourite sweets.

Low sugar, craving for sweets, sleeplessness, joint pains etc are symptoms of inadequate protein.

My workout schedule is busy with one hour yoga in the morning followed by a continuous 21 set suryanamaskar. Then in the afternoon alternating between half an hour non stop swimming or strength training in gym. I also do house cleaning in an exercise way.

That’s burning 1200-1400 calories on the above activities a day.

I know people consume protein (powder etc) after such workout but I was avoiding them deliberately. After reading the article, I am to do something on protein deficiency.

Perhaps it’s powder or something like what I had yesterday after workout and shown below.

Any advice is most welcome.

Boiled kidney beans, avocado and boiled egg.

Protein And Me

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