Book Review- Love Struck. By Maria Mathews.

Love Struck

In the blog world we come across many writers and follow them. Sometimes you write something which gets the attention of your followers and occasionally some of them could be great writers. And then you mention your intention to write a book of your own, and see the offers of assistance and definitely good wishes from many. Imagine then the announcement of forming a Book Writer’s Club. You get some attention.

Perhaps all these or one of them or a combination of a few that prompted writer Maria Mathews to give me an offer to read her book. And she did a beautiful thing, she sent an autographed book all the way from Ireland for me in India to read.

I took some unusually long time to start reading it. But once started I felt a connection. This review is about what I felt when I read the book.

About the author

Maria Mathews lives in rural Ireland where she works. She is an animal lover and spends some of her time volunteering.

The book is of 188 pages

My review

Right from the start of the book, I felt a connection. What could be that connection for someone living in India with a story in Ireland! Well it is simple, the book tells about a farm and my dream is to do some farming.

I have my background with roots in a large planter’s family. But I chose an International career in banking. By the time I was about to be recognized as a successful banker, I heard the below story in corporate circles.

It was about a very successful corporate executive getting lost while driving in rural South America. He found one farmer working in a farm and approached him for seeking directions. During the little chat the executive asked the farmer if he was wasting his time in the farm. The farmer then asked about the executive who narrated his bio data. At every milestone the farmer asked ‘and then?’

Finally the executive said ‘I want to retire and work in my farm’. ‘Well’ the farmer said ‘that’s exactly what I am doing now’. ‘I started doing it without going through the struggles you faced in the corporate world’.

That’s the connection. I also have a small land and will I get to do the farming after my international career?

The book ‘Love Struck’ is also talking about a businessman finding himself inheriting a huge farm in rural Ireland. Its basic if the story is just about his dilemma of ‘farm or no farm’. But Maria Mathews has other ideas.

That’s love. The businessman is struck by the cupid’s arrow when he met the beautiful farm manager, and love overshadows the question in his mind ‘farm or no farm’. ‘No farm’ means lots of money to expand business. ‘Farm’ means lot of investment to make it beautiful.

That’s when the author took me out of the equation. ‘Farm or no farm’ has me with the businessman. But when love and attraction overshadowed, I was out.

Not that I am a ‘no love’ guy. I can dream very well and could have participated in the story still. But this love is different. Let me admit, I was wondering how platonic love got carried on and on, awaiting some success, without some of the actions, the way I would have dreamed.

Or is it a revelation, a revelation that the love in my definition lacks some polish and hence not very appealing. Maria Mathews has shown me a different love, a love of patience, of decency but with extreme passion and desire.

Then, was the decision of ‘farm or no farm’ dependent on the success in love. I cannot say that it wasn’t. And I cannot say that it was a precondition. But one would not have been possible without the other. But the predominant one that of love overshadowed the farm itself.

So, my farm desire and hence my wish to see a success to the Irish farm led me to wish that the main characters succeed in their love.

That’s when I realized that the book is beautifully about love and farm is only a setting.

A love story worth any heart.

And when you have a heart, you follow the young couple and their episodes become suspense episodes for you to find out if they succeeded the way you wanted them to be. Did They?

Brilliant to get all these hearts to eagerly pursue the episodes.

But, certainly there’s more. The author has taken the readers to the beauty of rural life, the inhabitants of the small town, who all knew each other and who are willing to get involved in everything in a positive way.

The milking of the cows, building a garden and similar activities became community tasks and the payment is in a new currency ‘beer money’.

A highly recommended love story, set on a very rural and serene background which taught people like me that true love is much more than what is in old fashioned dreams!.

My rating: 4.75/5

Book Review- Love Struck. By Maria Mathews.

6 thoughts on “Book Review- Love Struck. By Maria Mathews.

  1. thank you for such a kind and honest review. what i should have asked or let you know is that i will gladly dispatch another few copies to any reader who will read and give a review. Take care and I enjoyed reading about certain similarities in our lives.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. That’s very sweet of you Maria. I will make it a point to update you with my farming plans. Mine is a small scale one.
      And by the way the review i am planning on Amazon and goodreads


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