It’s Big, It’s Natural, It’s Organic

After a family function my brother put a packet in my car boot saying it was grown on his land in our hometown.

They are really huge Kerala bananas which makes the famous banana chips (when raw).

The steamed ripe ones are ideal accompaniment for the Kerala special breakfast item ‘poott’

Banana fritters made out of these variety, well I would like to boast a little, are the best in the world.

One unique way of consuming is to steam the banana and with a surgeon’s precision operate through the middle lengthwise and remove the four strings of seeds.

Pour natural and homemade melted ghee, add some sugar and top with liberal pouring of the unique ‘paani’ which is of honey composition when fresh toddy is boiled to yield 10 to 1.

Add some grated fresh coconut and you get a most desired delicacy.

Well now some self motivation. ‘Go and grow some in the land’.

I have been talking about this for sometime now. Time for action 👍

It’s Big, It’s Natural, It’s Organic

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