Book Review: Pneuma, by Dr. Neetha Joseph


I was blogging here about my intention to write a book when some of the friends came forward with some very valuable advices. First and foremost among them is Dr. Neetha Joseph who gave me some tips on how to proceed with the writing.

Then she sent me a copy of her own Book and this review is about ‘Pneuma’ the novel focusing on an immigrant family to Australia from India.

After reading the lovely novel, I decided to post a review here, though I am not experienced or with the necessary skills to write a review. But it is coming from the heart and as such guilt edged with that qualification.

The story is about the routine life of a typical immigrant family, but strained relationship, separation and the challenges of the lady of the house leading life on her own with a school going child has made the novel a very good to read with plenty of drama, anguish, deceit, grit, determination and courage.

The story also covers the difficulties, single or otherwise, an immigrant has to face in a foreign country. As such the story moves up and down on the family issues and social issues. For that reason alone the book is a highly recommended read for immigrant families in foreign countries and for those who work and interact with immigrants in those countries.

About the Author

Dr. Neetha Joseph, an Indian Immigrant in Australia, has a Doctorate in Philosophy from Bharathiar University, with a tertiary qualification from University of Technology, Sidney and she is working as a full time staff member in and educational institution in Australia where she lives with her family


Balboa Press. A Division of Hay House

101 pages

My review

The book has succeeded in bringing out the challenges of an immigrant lady, being abandoned by her husband and having to look after her school going child and manage the work and home challenges. It also brought to light the additional burden and isolation faced by an immigrant.

Overcoming all these challenges and by designing her own destiny, the lead character is giving those in similar or closer to such circumstances, hope and guidance in facing challenges.

Even in grim and dire circumstances, the book handles some amount of passion and desire.

I am happy to recommend this book for reading

Book Review: Pneuma, by Dr. Neetha Joseph

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