Poetry And Me

I was not much into poetry but blog posts here are plenty with lovely poems from talented bloggers.

And then I thought I should also write a few, and hence posted a few.

There was no structure or any rules followed and it just came along. And I am proud to say that I didn’t have to edit any and posted what I scribbled.

One revelation perhaps is that it was flowing from heart when the subject was love.

Of course I didn’t get any direct criticism and my beautiful friends here gave glowing thumbs up.

But then there were a few who wrote elsewhere about people writing poems pretending to be poets, and I knew.

However I got awestruck with some real poets and their poems and found solace there.

That’s why I am saying ‘when you love a poem, you love the poet also.


8 thoughts on “Poetry And Me

  1. We are all here to follow our heart …..I don’t even attempt following any structure ……….and pity the ones who have nothing better to do but criticize…….. I won’t love to read some of your poems for sure😊❤️

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