Onam Celebrations

Onam is the biggest celebration in Kerala when people of all backgrounds- religion, culture etc. come together.

The recent flood tragedy brought the people together under different circumstances and the traditional Onam celebrations are now seriously muted.

Last year we had the family Onam in my sister’s ancestral house, the tharavad of the legendary ‘Kayal Murikkan’. That house on the lake was flooded.

We are however meeting in my father’s house for a ‘thanksgiving’ for the safe return of my brother who was marooned in the upstairs of his riverside house for nearly five days.

We will not be having the dances that were being practiced. But we will be together as a mark of solidarity in the face of such unexpected disaster.

We are family


22 thoughts on “Onam Celebrations

  1. Поздравляю с праздником и желаю хорошо провести этот день 🙂
    У нас сегодня тоже праздник, но я не буду его гулять. Я поеду на море! =)

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