A Blog A Day

One of my blog friends suggested multiple blogs in a day to be more effective. I usually do listen to advices from friends and I want to do that. Perhaps I will manage to do it.

The challenge however is to fulfill my duty of reading my friend’s valuable posts. I am trying to be a true follower and thus a true friend but the task of reading all of yours is proving to be tough.

I will try nonetheless, as it’s my duty as your true follower.

Please forgive me if I miss a few posts.


8 thoughts on “A Blog A Day

  1. That is the beauty of blogging, my friend. there is no duty, as such.
    It is only you being humble, to your fellow bloggers. Having said that, I will also say, that it is indeed, wonderful to hear from fellow bloggers such as you,.
    Keep writing and reading, at your own pace, 🙂

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