Kerala Floods

I am duty bound to update on my brother’s situation in the flood. He is still in his riverside house and the water has receded. The area is still surrounded with strong water currents and inaccessible by road. Even boats find it difficult to reach.

Thanks to an industrialist relative with workers in the area, my brother is visited three times in the day with food and essentials. As such we are not considering evacuation now.

Thank you all for your prayers.

The real heroes are

the fishermen of Kerala who pressed into service about 600 Fishing boats and rescued most people from seriously dangerous areas. While the dinghies of the armed forces struggled in strong currents and saved 6 or 7 at a time, the fishing boats and local experience of fishermen progressed and rescued 30 plus at one time. Some of the boats were damaged and they didn’t care. I hope those will be repaired free of cost or relief funds paying for it.

There’s a satisfying show of unity and compassion. Stories abound.

But there are some hate campaign. What’s worrying for them is the increasing unity and solidarity those hate rants have produced.


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