You’re The Lesser

It’s heartening to watch the dedication and efforts shown by simple people in the flood relief activities.

Clearly, I have a feeling of being the lesser of those many ordinary people, who brave the floods and rain to see that fellow human beings are taken care of.

Particular mention is of fishermen who voluntarily pressed their boats into rescue services all over and they very well match the efforts by armed forces. A big salute to them.

While me, with a lot of international experience and better resources are stuck in my place, watching the relief operations on television.

I wish I could be part of the relief team going deep down into the affected areas and participate in providing relief. I am, a swimming expert, claiming to be the water expert, but I am a nothing in the current grave flood situation in Kerala.

The only thing I am doing is donating money to the distress fund and giving some provisions and clothes to those relief workers collecting for the flood victims.

I should join a relief organisation and get trained so as to be pressed into service at the time of need.

Right now I have this complex of being an inferior person.


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