Good Enough Reason to be Excited

I am mentor to her on her and her parent’s request and I am happy to work with such a brilliant mind.

She’s currently doing her post graduation in a premium institute in the USA.

After her internship with a UN agency, during vacation, she’s coming home today.

Good enough reason for me to be super excited.


8 thoughts on “Good Enough Reason to be Excited

    1. ഒരു പെൺകുട്ടി. ജിഞ്ഞുവിനു അറിയില്ല. അവൾ അമേരിക്കയില്‍ ആണ് പഠിക്കുന്നത്‌.
      ജിഞ്ഞുവിനു മെന്റൊറെ വേണമെങ്കിൽ ഞാൻ തയ്യാറാൺ്.

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