A Powerful Swim in My River

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My river in my hometown Thidanad is flowing in full force and it was a pleasure to swim in my favourite spot and refresh some sweet memories.

It was great then to lead a pack against the rapids in the youth years.

And it’s wonderful to do that now. Swimming against the strong current over some eight feet of powerful water flow to land on the rock upstream.

Yesterday’s trip to Thidanad was fulfilling for this reason alone.

And I must go again.


32 thoughts on “A Powerful Swim in My River

  1. Reliving your old memories can be fun, isn’t it KJ, I heard Kerala is facing the worst times in past 26 years because of rains and most places are facing flood as all the 22 dams have been opened up this time. Floods can be quite disastrous.

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  2. Wow, the power of water! I must say I was so impressed with your strength also … I think you may be the best swimmer in your country to have effective strokes against such a fierce current!

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