Blogging Blues

Blogging is so refreshing that I try and post at least once a day. The reward is when we get friends taking time to view, like and comment on what we have to say.

And then it’s only natural that we spend time to read what our friends are saying, like them and comment.

Sometimes we see some of our regular blog friends are missing for a considerable period of time. And on one fine day they would be back with a comment.

That’s pure joy. The pleasure of seeing the return of the prodigal.

There are then two sides to the coin. You miss some and you find some. Clearly one is pure joy and the other pure heartbreak.

Then you don’t want others to go through the same emotions, and spend time to be available to friends.

While getting back a favourite is pleasure, it needs a lot of maturity to realise that those who are with us in thick and thin are equally or more important.

Clearly there’s a lot of passion in blogging ❤️


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