Good Old Meru Cabs

I am on ‘Shatabthi’ the wholly airconditioned fast train from Bangalore to Chennai (Madras).

The train started at 6 am and will reach Madras by 11 am.

Early morning start means early morning cab requirement and tried per-booking of Ola cabs but was surprised to find a no availability response.

Since it would be risky to try online in the morning, and after another ‘full’ response from another taxi company, just remembered the good old Meru.

Though the icon was deleted from the phone screen, the account was available on the AppStore.

Confirmation was immediate with message that cab and driver details would be available 20 minuets before scheduled time.

In fact Meru cabs revolutionised taxi system in Bangalore along with the opening of the new airport. Much before the advent of the likes of Uber and Ola.

The good old Meru.


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