A Day After The Rains

We are seeing some sunlight after a prolonged period of rains in Kerala.

There have been floods particularly in central Kerala where I come from. My river was flooded for a day and i had a video of it in one of my recent posts.

Interestingly the floods were received in different ways in the interior countryside. It spread havoc in water filled areas like Alapuzha, it was received with fun and frolics in places like Pala.

Our sympathies and concerns go to those who suffered with the flood waters. At the same time the presence of mind and initiatives of those who decided to make the best out of the situation also may be lauded.

There have been revellers with small boats sailing through the flooded roads and those enjoying the natures gift of swinging pools.

We are on to some of the best things in the coming weeks 1. Nehru Trophy Boat race, the best race in the world happening on the second Saturday of August.2. Onam festivals last week of August 3. The must see phenomenon of Neelakurinji flowering 12 years after 2006, during August to October in Munnar.Flooding celebrated in bus stand in Pala

This video doesn’t exist
Neelakurinji Boat race with boats carrying well over 100 oarsmen


13 thoughts on “A Day After The Rains

    1. It’s amazing Elizabeth. There are a number of preliminary rounds and the first two from each moves to the semi final and final rounds. Each time there will be 6 boats and last four coming first and second in the semifinals will be joined by two more clocking the next best timings

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