Income Tax Return Filing

I have been filing income tax returns myself ever since i had the income subject to tax payment and return filing, except for the last Assessment Year when I used a professional accountant.

And I realised that I had to give him all the details which he put into the format and send back to me for verification and confirmation.

The issue was that he would file on the due date only which for a disciplined person like me (haha) would create personal Tenson.

And I am filing it myself again.

But I am burning the midnight oil trying to resolve a difference in the calculated tax by the sophisticated Tax Department xml utility and my xcel sheet.

Interestingly the department calculation gives me a handsome refund and it’s one of those times when one’s happy to be wrong 😉


11 thoughts on “Income Tax Return Filing

  1. I finally persuaded my husband to use an accountant and it paid off both in my husband’s sanity and in our reduced taxes. We have to file by April 15. I would hate to have to do it in the summer like you.

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