My River

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This was where most of my childhood was spent. The river in front of my father’s house is full with incessant rain that Kerala has not seen before.

The little gate, seen in the video leads to the water for us to get into the river, is under water now.

This flooding will not last long as the fast flowing water will recede soon and water get cleared once the rain stops.

And here’s an old photo of how the river looked before


22 thoughts on “My River

    1. തിടനാട്. ഈരാട്ടുപെട്ടക്കും കാഞ്ഞിരപ്പളളിക്കും ഇടക്ക്‌. കോട്ടയം ഡിസ്റ്റ്രിക്റ്റ്‌

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    1. Kerala is used to rains but this year has been exceptional. However danger to life is rare.
      Water rises systematically. Last month a flash flood occurred in one of the rivers making it to change the course. It destroyed a few houses and life

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