Quotes and Quotes

We get to read famous quotes of great people posted by friends here and it’s a great learning to read and try to grasp the essence of those fine words.

Some of the friends who have collection of such great sayings, start posting their own quotes.

And there are others who post their impressions of the heart.

I find the second and third more satisfying and heartfelt than the first.

It may be that we expect the greats to say them and put them in a usual stride

But when someone who we can associate with ourselves say something good, we would get passionate and involved

And that’s a lovely thought

Quotes and Quotes

13 thoughts on “Quotes and Quotes

    1. I respect your views. I read wise words from famous people and they are okay. But when i hear valuable and sensible words from people i know, i feel immensely happy and connected

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  1. I believe quotes are pearls of wisdom.
    While reading, many a times I noticed that my own thoughts are expressed in more compact , meaningful and beautiful way and I can’t resist in sharing them with others.

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    1. I read all yours and enjoy. But when I see something of your own I am happier and your words of wisdom get etched on my mind more than the quotes from others.
      Perhaps it can be called affinity


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