Book Writer’s Club- Breaking News.

I am happy to announce the release of the first book after the Club was formed.

Love.exe by Manju Nambiar is on Amazon starting with the kindle version.

I have just downloaded the sample version and will be reading the book with a lot of Pride in my heart.

Thank you Manju for the opportunity of writing this post. You have been an inspiration and guide to us the rest of the club members.

I wish great success for the book and urge all of you friends to check it out

Book Writer’s Club- Breaking News.

13 thoughts on “Book Writer’s Club- Breaking News.

      1. Thank you Manju
        Ankur, this book is the second one from Manju, ‘The Money Lender’ being the first
        I like the books very much


    1. This book is by Manju Nambiar who is now part of the group and providing expert inputs into the other members hoping to write a book
      Thank you for the wishes on behalf of Manju and the group

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