A Little Too Much Of Sports

I used to be sportsman with some university level achievements. The desire to be a multidimensional player than a specialist saw me playing Cricket, Waterpolo, Hockey, Volleyball and Basketball.

Additionally I had items in Athletics and Swimming.

The result of this mixture of interest becoming a keen sports enthusiast.

That also means spending time to watch games.

Events like World Cup Football and Cricket matches where India is playing become must see items for sheer interest and peer pressure to be able to participate in post match discussions.

Then it becomes a pain when the time difference makes you to sit up into the early mornings to watch.

The immediate provocation for this post is the extra time goal yesterday or rather this morning making England play additional half hour and into penalty shoot outs.

And made worse with a biological clock making me get up at 5.55 am.

Some serious sleep deficiency

A Little Too Much Of Sports

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