Age Restrictions. Time to Mind Other Business

I found this clip in one Whatsapp Group Message. Two to three generations can be in the same group!

Looks like we need not be worried and spend a lot of time on other people’s age, wondering how to deal with an elder person. That person can be in your age group.

Isn’t it wonderful then to lose that barrier in thinking and move forward worrying about other things and minding other business.

That’s one, and perhaps some of us may lose that protection of a lesser number to give excuses.

Age Restrictions. Time to Mind Other Business

17 thoughts on “Age Restrictions. Time to Mind Other Business

  1. That is so interesting. So, anything below pensionable age is youth. I feel better already. 😄

    When I was in my late teens and very early twenties, being a smoker then (I quit 7 years ago), i told my fellow smoking friends that if I wasn’t dead at fifty, I would ask to be like a horse and be put down. I’m four years away from that so obviously my view has changed. Haha!

    My mother is 71. She is an old 71, lethargic, inactive, prone to sickness, with diabetes and high blood pressure, walks slowly like a real old person, etc. Then, there’s the 71-year old woman who works with me who’s my mom’s exact opposite. I’m convinced our mental health has a lot to do with our physical health.

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