I Did A Start

When you put something in the bucket list, you’re sort of under pressure as the list has things you were not able to do in your normal stride. That’s you consider them as deemed difficult.

And I have writing a book in my list for quite sometime.

I have friends here who are authors and others who supported my plans on the book and a few beautiful people who joined ‘Book Writer’s Club’.

I have Neetha Joseph who commented on my posts advising how to go about the book. Then she did a beautiful thing, sent me by post her book, signed copy, from Australia where she lives. Her book Pneuma (available on Amazon) is really a guide for me to write sincerely.

Then I have Manju Nambiar, a US based writer with her first book ‘The Money Lender’ and shortly releasing her second, for support.

She and other members of the Book Writer’s Club have encouraged me to start writing, instead of just talking about it.

And with the blessings of all you beautiful people, I have just started writing my first book.

I Did A Start

34 thoughts on “I Did A Start

      1. Я пока не разобралась, что именно рассматривать.(((
        Удачи тебе в написании книги! Надеюсь, что мы увидим отрывки.

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      1. Read a little and write a little each day. That’s the secret to really feel inspired. Well, if you also have the sounds of the ocean when you make up consider yourself very lucky. Good luck with your project.

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  1. I just stumbled upon your page and am already feeling so proud that you have taken that step towards something you have always wanted to do. I am so happy you have the support and encouragement too. I hope you enjoy the whole process and I am sure it will be an amazing read.

    Wishing you the best of luck 🙂

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  2. All the best, Kurian. A suggestion to not lose the interest in the book is when you’re a bit stuck, try writing a poem or a short story. You won’t be frustrated being stuck and the new creation would be motivating.

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