New Place, Old Plans

I am in Bangalore for a few weeks and though i miss kerala, this is second home where I have some beautiful friends including a surprise find of someone who has become very close.

Weather is just fine. No I am telling a lie, it’s the best one can hope for. May be a bit too cold when there’s breeze.

And it’s time to dust off some of the old plans and bring them to life.

Taken out of the bucket list, writing a book is number one. We have the Book Writer’s Club in action. I have friends offering support and even joint ventures. Must start and it’s today.

Become more close and interacting in the blog community. I must bring the plan of getting my friends say a few words for compiling, into reality.

I am into poetry. More of reading of course. And I have fallen in love with it. A friend said ‘fall in love with poetry, may not be the poet’. But is it different! Poet and poem?

These, for a start.

New Place, Old Plans

31 thoughts on “New Place, Old Plans

  1. Poem -the inner emotional turmoil, the passion, the revenge, the love put in words of beauty.. but may be the poet who describe might not be lovable, physically. But think like this a beautiful soul can only create beautiful art..

    Coming on to B’lore I have just been once and for 2 days if I remember would love to visit again. And’s beautiful but yet to be discovered..

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    1. Good morning Shilpa. Good to see you. In fact missed you.
      Thank you for the beautiful comment. You are right. It’s the inner beauty of the poet that one would fall in love with.
      And you must visit Kerala. By August the once in 12 years phenomenon of Neelakurinji flowering will occur in Munnar. Please make plans

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      1. August I can’t coz school time, busy with kids. Yes have plans for May let’s see.. during my childhood time I used to visit every summer vacation spend time with my uncle’s, cousins and grandparents but with studies and career visit got limited..

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      2. Thank you so much. My most valuable motivation and support.
        Just join and then you will get interested. For example, Manju who is in the club is releasing her book on July 5 and she’s based in US. She is asking for some help with media reviews in India and I am getting into google for that.
        Send your whatsapp number in the email and you can be the seventh member. This is a very closed group and we’ll agree that the group will be used only for the book purposes and no other messages. It’s safe and private and privileged. Your presence will be a great motivator

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  2. The poem and the poet are definitely different… poet is a physical being and poem is a literary art!!
    Everyone has one’s own views…… I firmly believe, fall in love with the art, not the artist! Give the artist his / her life space and freedom!!

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