Interesting Sermon

Church on Sundays for me is about discipline and fond childhood memories of going with my mother to the village church.

Weather was clear after several days of rain and since my wife was nursing a bad cold, I decided to walk to the nearby church where the children’s mass is celebrated at 9am.

There was a new priest who delivered an excellent sermon targeted at the children. He used soccer as the tool to attract the kid’s attention and gave his gospel messages cleverly riding on the popularity of soccer and the icon players.

Interestingly it caught my attention. I learned that Christiano Ronaldo had heart ate of over 100 when he was a child. Louis Saurez was a street boy. Messy had a messy childhood with a bend leg, Naimar no different having childhood struggles and the Iranian goalkeeper was a shepherd boy who later ran away to play football and was cleaning Tehran streets when someone picked him up due to his extra long hands etc.

The message is ‘hard work to reach the goals’.

I am sure the kids also loved it.

Interesting Sermon

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