Being a Global Citizen

I have been fortunate, thanks mostly to Standard Chartered Bank to live in a number of countries as part of work requirements.

That way I lived in Philippines, Hong Kong, London and Kuwait in addition to India. Interestingly a couple of these postings involved frequent travel and working with staff located in about 25 additional countries

Such exposure and multicultural interaction has been a most cherished life experience.

Now that i am back in India, i am fortunate to be in touch with a large number of people that my life touched.

And then I have a much more expanded friendship community here in WordPress. The daily interaction and learning that I enjoy here, reassures my calling myself a global citizen.

Being a Global Citizen

25 thoughts on “Being a Global Citizen

    1. Philippines where I have a number of friends. Bank gave us a huge house of 8000 square feet, with 25 metre swimming pool. Next door neighbor was the Ambassador of Rumania to Philippines.

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      1. Thank you
        Standard chartered bank is a British Bank. They give free housing for international officers like me who work for them.
        By the way, what do you do in Ukraine?

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      2. Это звучит потрясающе. У нас нет таких работодателей. У нас сам должен выгребать, как получается…
        Я пишу статьи)

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  1. Very lucky of you to have travelled for work, Kurian. Sounds like you learnt a lot while you were on the move. Must have been great experiences and being a global citizen, you learn how to adapt and respect different cultures 🙂

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  2. Living in different countries is truly awesome. I have never been an expat but my mother was, although just in Africa. So, Apart from my home country, Philippines, I lived in Zambia and Botswana. I have now lived in South Africa for half my life. I do love interacting with people from various walks of life. You’ve been fortunate, indeed, Kurian.


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