It’s Small Things, Making Us Happy or Sad

Most of us are simple people, with small outlook but dreams bigger than life size.

Then it’s the small things that make us happy or sad.

And hence, excitement is also in seeing and experiencing small things.

It can be some stupid things like the favourite blogger ignored the comments or refuse to acknowledge

Perhaps that’s not so stupid. Because small and stupid to some can be big and vital for another.

There may be situations when out of enthusiasm, you make comments which are not understood.

That’s possible since you’re one with small skills. But with huge enthusiasm.

Normally such comments are treated as such. Sometimes the skilled person may ask for details or explanation.

Naturally you struggle as you’re not skilled in the area.

Then confess simplicity and apologise. It should work

It’s Small Things, Making Us Happy or Sad

26 thoughts on “It’s Small Things, Making Us Happy or Sad

  1. It’s always the simplest things that have the biggest impact on our lives – like a little kindness, consideration, making time for others and them making time for you etc. A beautiful downpour of rain is often more enjoyable to watch than any blockbuster movie, while amazing sunsets and sunrises bring a sense of awe and peace to the soul – simple but very powerful, just like a hug or a warm smile!

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