Surprises. Pleasant Ones for That Matter.

In the WordPress community, it’s national that we locate favourites and follow their favourite posts.

This makes the pages interesting and it’s definitely a pleasure to read and comment on favourite posts of favourite people.

Then like the saying goes ‘you like some people more than others’, that’s quite natural.

Then imagine, one day you lose all contacts with one of your favourites! The feeling is quite like losing your best friend.

Life goes on, though it would have been better with everyone on board.

In the process you acquire new friends with equal or enhanced talents.

One day you decide to form an affinity association with like minded and like skilled people. You get a subgroup of good friends, joined together for a purpose.

And then suddenly, you get a loving message from the lost one. And naturally you invite to the subgroup.

How about an answer then like ‘I am already in’. That’s the beauty of assumed names. Great writers have that.

Beauty is the message ‘I never left you’. That’s priceless 😊🌸

Surprises. Pleasant Ones for That Matter.

18 thoughts on “Surprises. Pleasant Ones for That Matter.

  1. Hey KJ,
    I was that dubious girl then and a more enthusiastic girl now.
    Every human being have their own aspirations. There may be more than one or two of them.
    In my case, the greatest wish I ever possess is to be a writer.
    Not to be an ordinary one. But the most loved one.
    I want to be loved by people the way I love Benyamin and Aami.
    Need great mentoring and nurturing.
    Apart from all the miseries of my practical life, I still want to be this. This will be the only thing that is gonna save my soul.😊😊😊
    It’s even cruel that I yearn for this only when my little bro yearns for our favorite food item or favorite place to go.🤗🤗😂😂😂

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  2. Как верно! Одна из моих любимых читательниц часто пропадает надолго и не пишет.
    Я грущу и радуюсь каждый раз, когда снова вижу ее. И боюсь, что она снова исчезнет.

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