Coconut and Me

I am a true fan of the coconut. This affair started much before it has been glorified as superfood, though there are certain lobbies still trying to cast shadow of doubt.

And for that matter, the place I am from, Kerala derives it’s name from the word Kera which is coconut.

We use coconut as an ingredient or compliment with most food. I like it fresh and goes well with traditional delicacies like manga thera (mango jelly bars) and chakka unda (Jackfruit balls).

Mothers in Kerala used to make what is Virgin coconut oil now, for use of massaging babies and I use the same method and use for my massage and moisturising (second childhood).

Talking about coconut per se, every part of it is useful. The leaves of the tree as roof of rural houses, for making broom, for my lasso for catching lizards (childhood prank), as firewood, torch at night, making craft products including ball for a special game.

The trunk is hardwood and has many uses. The coconut shells as heating aids on traditional non electric ironing boxes and for making koorichatty, a fish trap on which I have an earlier post.

Coconut oil is best for cooking especially for frying specialties like banana and jackfruit chips. I use coconut oil for oil pulling, the best way to clean teeth and mouth.

And I drink two spoons of Virgin coconut oil every day.

The love affair is clear, and it’s alive even at midnight when I do my yoga and Instagram 🌸

Coconut and Me

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