Jackfruit Ice Cream. All Naturals

Jackfruit season is coming to an end. I have done justice to traditional ways by making Jackfruit undas out of some six jackfruits and chips from another four. These are for preserving for consumption during off season.

During the season, it’s a pleasure to enjoy the fresh fruit. That’s when a friend forwarding recipe for jackfruit Ice Cream.

The recipe has sugar, fresh cream and condensed milk as ingredients. But I am a naturalist. The amended recipe for this creamy ice cream. Ingredients

De seeded fresh jackfruit flesh

Natural honey

Fresh cream (I used half of what is recommended and will avoid henceforth)

Fresh coconut milk

Make a purée with jackfruit and honey. Whip cream and coconut milk. ( do with thick coconut milk only). Cut two jackfruit pieces into fine pieces. Mix purée and whipped coconut milk and add the Jackfruit cube slices. Put in ice cream tray, cover with foil and put in the freezer.

The creamy ice cream is guaranteed delicious.

PS. I must invest in some good ice cream trays

Jackfruit Ice Cream. All Naturals

12 thoughts on “Jackfruit Ice Cream. All Naturals

    1. Try it Rupali. It’s good. Everyone who tasted it agrees.
      Put fresh coconut milk in fridge (not freezer for sometime) and drain out the water which get separated for best results

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