Magic of Small Things and Ecstasy

We are all generally okay, going ahead with life, mostly Happy

Then something’s can happen, something like small things. It can be a message. It can be a flower, a word or simple things shared.

The very fact that they are small things means nothing existing get changed. It goes on as usual. But the extra has an extrapolation effect. It’s like the Richter scale measuring earthquakes. After, say six, every incremental decimal has like ten times the power.

When such small extra happens to someone who is almost at the brink with contentment, the ensuing ecstasy can’t be controlled.

So instead of one contact, when it’s like four, you are at best in a trance.

So who wants to come out of this joyful trance?

Wait, it just has started. ๐ŸŒน

Magic of Small Things and Ecstasy

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