The Obedient Soul

King they called me, but where’s the crown

Some leader fit, for a wolf pack

But being lonely, at the top

Isn’t my cup of tea.

Outside the palace, always the solace

Followed many a soul, love aplenty

Searched valiantly, for the one chosen

Find them, all following me

That’s it, my craving bared

Want a soul to follow, not followed

A fine soul, powerful and commanding

For I wanna submit, to a brilliant soul

And you appeared, armour and valour

Spreading a fragrance, goddess’s fit

Pulse up, and a fear, afraid to displease

Just glance, and conquer the obedient soul

The Obedient Soul

10 thoughts on “The Obedient Soul

    1. Thank you Pradita. It’s because of you and others here. And now I am in love with poetry.
      And as for the poem, you know I always want to be a follower


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