Cooking Exotica & Fitness

Cooking Exotica & Fitness is a broadcast group where I display my experiments in traditional dishes and delicacies. Mostly these are from memories when I used to hang around with my mother who managed to get these made through the helpers who were in abundance.

The ground rule here is that I want to do it myself from start to finish.

Jackfruit (chakka) undas and chips. Traditionally these delicacies are made and stored for consumption when the Jackfruit season is over till the next season next year. More undas are to be made tomorrow to take care of the off season

By the way, if anyone wishes to join in the mail list, please let me know. Being a broadcast group, privacy is assured and I will only know who the members are and any response will be only to me.

Cooking Exotica & Fitness

12 thoughts on “Cooking Exotica & Fitness

    1. Thank you Ankur. From scratch is the key.
      By the way please take a look at Facebook group ‘Digital Reads Alcove’. And join in if you think it’s good. The promoter is a good friend


    1. Hello, thank you for visiting my posts.
      As far as I know, the best natural way is through some stretch exercises. Ideally these should be under expert guidance. Good luck 🌹


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