Rains Are Here.

Spot on, the rains are here on the appointed day. The monsoon rain without thunder and lightening, but with heavens opening up and sheets of water pouring down was there right from the morning.

Basic instinct, we used to jump into the house compound for a shower under the sky. No can do in Kochi, so took the car and drove to ancestral house in Thidanad. Blissful pleasure driving in the rain.

And there were about 10 jackfruits taken from the trees and kept ready in the house and I took 4 for bringing back to kochi. And now I will be busy making some traditional items; chakka chips and chakka undas ( Jackfruit chips and balls).

Two raw ones are for chips and two ripe ones for undas.

Cutting these giant fruits is not easy, especially the raw ones. So bought the traditional tool – kaikkodali (handheld axe, see in picture on top of the jackfruits).

Will be busy, Happily, making them.

Rains Are Here.

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