House Guests! Rule Book!

Now that we’re in Thevara, Kochi with one of the best waterfront views and ancestral home under two hours drive (the real God’s Own Country village), we invite friends to spend a few days with us.

The experience prompts me to mention a rule book or a guide to house guests.

First and foremost, recognise that the hosts are normal human beings and they have a routine.

Some of the guests trail you, even to the bathroom door. They want complete attention.

Rule 1. Don’t stalk your host.

Then they look for entertainment and insist on the host to participate.

Rule number 2. Learn an individual game. Know how to operate the TV Remote

You may be accustomed to someone making bed coffee for you

Rule number 3. Make your own coffee

Occupying dining table for food to arrive

Rule number 4. Take over some of the preparation stuff. Great if you can offer to make your signature dish.

Leaving dishes on the table

Rule number 5. Always offer dish washing and do it

Some of the rules I thought of for the rule book. Most important is to give the hosts the space.

Please add rules that you can bring in.

And by the way, you’re all welcome to be houseguests. And being co-authors to the rule book, there’s nothing I have to worry 😉

House Guests! Rule Book!

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