South West Monsoon in God’s Own Country.

It looks like it, this morning, the monsoon can be earlier this year.

That’s then on a happy note after some pleasant discussions with friends in WordPress before I am writing this.

For me the rainy season is the best time in Kerala. I am looking forward to the Happy times sitting in my waterfront balcony and seeing sheets of water coming down. (Thunder and lightning, please stay away as usual).

Then the drive to Thidanad and interior Kerala when it’s raining.

This year there’s an added attraction. Like I posted yesterday, Neelakurinji will carpet the Munnar hills with bluish flowers again after 2006. I hope to see a number of friends coming down for that. I am only too happy to assist.

And the second Saturday of August (every year it’s on that day) the world’s best boat race ‘Nehru Trophy Vallamkaly’ will be held in Punnamada waters in Alleppey.

I am really hoping that I will be seeing some of you, at least, for these Happy experiences.

South West Monsoon in God’s Own Country.

10 thoughts on “South West Monsoon in God’s Own Country.

  1. Monsoon is always synonymous with bliss 🙂 🙂 🙂 has the monsoon actually started or is it the pre monsoon shower?? Would really love to see the bluish flowers covering munnar mountains… 🙂

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