Neelakurinji, The Flower Wonder ‘

Imagine acres and acres of mountains carpeted with the most enchanting flowers. That’s exciting, and now listen carefully, this flower comes up once in 12 years. That makes it the wonder!

Last time this happened in 2006, and after 12 years Munnar in Kerala, india is going to see the flowers carpeting mountains in July-August 2018.

This is a must see phenomenon and plan your holiday to Kerala during this time.

The crowd is expected to be huge and hence the Kerala tourism people are planning restrictions during the peak season. I think they are opening online booking in early June and those interested may look for the booking online so that one gets to see the phenomenon.

Please let me know if you’re interested in planning a kerala holiday along with the Neelakurinji Visit and I can assist with suggestions.

As for Neelakurinji, if you miss this year, the next flowering will be in 2030.

And Kerala is a lovely tourist destination and to me the best time is July-August when it rains. By the way Kerala is called ‘God’s Own Country’.

A chance to see a Wonder! Goforit 🌹

Neelakurinji, The Flower Wonder ‘

35 thoughts on “Neelakurinji, The Flower Wonder ‘

    1. Absolutely, I loved traveling in Sri Lanka and felt it’s the same like Kerala. Even the tea factory in Nuveraliya had the same machinery as my father’s tea factory. Lots of nostalgia.
      You should visit Kerala for the Neelakurinji

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  1. Our Kerala visit is long pending… 🙂 🙂 🙂 want see all temples… I have seen a few tourist places but haven’t been to any temples… Not even Gurvayur… I really really want to visit Kerala !

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