Yoga and Sunbathing …..

Sunbathing is an essential health requirement, particularly in our times when all the efforts are to keep ourselves away from sun. This is particularly so among Indians who are trained to get protected from sun exposure.

The benefits of exposing to direct sun is not only for vitamin D, and if I may say a non verified fact, it’s ‘being one with nature’.

Yoga is probably the best thing to keep fit. Sarvangasana, meaning ‘all organs’ is a key step. In my teenage days I enjoyed standing on my head anywhere, anytime and anyhow.

Now under training I can do Sarvangasana only with some assistance to lift up. But over the last few days, I am lifting myself:

Of course, some straightening up is required.

Caution, do Matsyasana after this as a counter step.

Finally Shavasana step is to relax.

And I do Shavasana while sunbathing in the balcony. Unfortunately I can’t post a picture as I let every part of my body to directly enjoy the sun 😜. And sometimes I sleep off with everything sun hot…..

Yoga and Sunbathing …..

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