Sponsorship of Talent…..

Sounds like a noble cause, and yes it is.

Having got the noble cause in mind, let me explore possible selfish motives which I think will give the additional justification in venturing into a sponsor.

Talents are usually in fields like sports where the sponsor has eyes on Olympic gold, literature where the focus is on award winning book and poetry where again it could be publishing.

So if you find real talent, it’s your duty to encourage. Here if you can find something to your advantage, then it would be easier to become a sponsor.

If I have to sponsor a talent into publishing a book, there’s some selfish reason also. That’s I also hope to write a book and the learning in sponsorship could immensely help.

You get to know what to do, who can assist etc etc.

If you can guide me on the steps and recommend possible trainers in the area, it would be of great help. Any suggestion is welcome.

And if the sponsored book become a huge success, then I won’t be the one producing a movie of it for I have a deal with my wife that I will not produce one.

But then those who take the book for movie, can consider me as the actor 😉

Sponsorship of Talent…..

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