I Love Yoga…..

I have been into yoga rather a bit too late. Of course, any time is good for Yoga.

I was reluctant as I never thought I could get my feet on my thighs ever. Well it may happen never!

But yoga is much more than that. Now with some training, yoga has become my number one exercise. I do an hour most of the days

And I supplement it with some swimming which has been my all time favourite. Some strength training and little bit of this and that.

When I was small I could stand on my head anytime anywhere. Now I need a little bit of assistance even for sarvangasana, the all inclusive yoga posture.

But sooryanamaskar is the most important. Good thing about yoga is that you can do it at home or most places and at any time.

For example, I was on it for about 80 minuets while watching IPL cricket last night. And did 20 full set of Sooryanamaskar along with other usual items.

Feeling good πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

I Love Yoga…..

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