Digital Reads Alcove…..
This is a link to the Facebook group promoted by a fellow blogger and great book reviewer Shalini.

I recommend all book lovers to join the group. And of course people like me who loves to read also may join in.

Actually I am getting a bit more confidence and now believe that I can even write poetry.

I am just copying my post today on the group timeline:

I like to read books. But somewhere down the lane, I moved on to business books as I thought it would help in my job.

But of course, now I realise that being remembered and loved by the people you work with is much more satisfying and rewarding than the titles you acquire, the corporate battles we win.

I must say that the beautiful book reviews by Shalini is rekindling my love for books.

And I enjoy the interactions with the talented friends in social media.

And to top it all, I am now in love with poetry and poet. The most wonderful is that I have started some raw attempts at poetry.

Maybe a pointer to an unknown wish to love oneself.

Justification- Those who can’t love themselves can’t love others.

So everything is boiling down to love 💕

Digital Reads Alcove…..

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