In the Dream World…..

Dreams are wonderful and sometimes you can do things in dreams that you always wanted but could not!

Some say dreams are dreams and hence not real. But what about someone who can daydream. I know the difference as I am a daydreamer.

A daydreamer can control the dreams. And if you’re someone like Walter Mitty (I am), then you can live in the dream or do a live performance.

If someone recalls, I had a coach in kuwait. She taught me of the importance of happiness. Well, she taught me of other things also which I am following or want to follow.

Dreaming is a good way to be happy. One may argue that it’s fictional. But certainly it’s better than not having anything.

The reason why I am bringing in the most discussed subject again is that I have found a few new uses of dreams.

I want to write a book. I have some tips from bloggers who are authors, critics and poets and the consensus is that the best written stuff is based on experience.

You can’t always be lucky to have some worthy experiences. Again you are not a cheap fellow to write about experiences which you’re bound by decency to protect the person who gave you the happiness.

But when you daydream, and if you can live the dream within a dream, perhaps you can acquire some beautiful experiences.

In dreams you don’t have imperfections, you’re eligible to fall in love with anyone or fantasise. You can love poetry and worship poets.

You are qualified though there’s no qualifications in love.

That doesn’t mean that you have to write a love story, but without that the passion will be found wanting. So dream on love or dream because of love…..

In the Dream World…..

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